• The Federal Housing Authority has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), with the Family Homes Fund Ltd, in a partnership that will see to the construction of 1000 homes in Bwari, FCT, as phase one of President Muhammadu Buhari's 300,000 - units Social Housing Project.

    Describing the event as the first major event in the headquarters of the Authority since the assumption of his Management, the Managing Director and Chief Executive, Senator Gbenga Ashafa said FHA is delighted at the partnership, which apart from providing 300,000 homes to our people, will generate thousands of jobs, to both professionals, labourers, artisans, suppliers, food vendors, transporters and several other value chain additions.

    He further reiterated the commitment of his Management Team to the speedy delivery of this project in consonance with all the terms and conditions in the MOU.

    In his remarks, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Family Homes Ltd, Femi Adewole described FHA as the biggest Housing delivery agency in the country, with the largest land bank. He expressed the readiness of the Family Homes Fund (FHF) to enter into other Partnerships with FHA, with the ultimate goal of delivering homes to Nigerians, in line with president President Muhammadu Buhari Social Housing initiatives.