Procurement of Service

Procurement of Service

Procurement Methods (Goods and Services) Except as provided by this Act, all procurements of goods and works by all procuring entities shall be conducted by open competitive bidding.

Any reference to open competitive bidding in this Act means the process by which a procuring entity based on previously defined criteria, effects public procurements by offering to every interested bidder, equal simultaneous information and opportunity to offer the goods and works needed.

The winning bid shall be that which is the lowest evaluated responsive bid, which has been responsive to the bid with regards to work specification and standard.

Invitation to bid may be either by way of National Competitive Bidding or International Competitive Bidding and the Bureau shall from time to time set the monetary thresholds for which procurements shall fall under either system.

Every invitation to an open competitive bid shall:

In the case of goods and works under International Competitive Bidding, the invitation for bids shall be advertised in at least two national newspapers and one relevant internationally recognized publication, any official websites of the procuring entity and the Bureau as well as the procurement journal not less than six weeks before the deadline for submission of the bids for the good and works.

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