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Federal Housing Authority and the Public Service Institute of Nigeria is to collaborate on housing delivery and development of parcels of land within the institute. This position was reached March 22nd, 2023 when a delegation led by the Institute’s Administrator and Chief Executive, Dr Abdul - Ganiyu Obatoyinbo paid a visit to the Authority.

Earlier in his remarks, Dr Obatoyinbo appreciated the Managing Director, Senator Gbenga Ashafa for what he called “his tremendous efforts in bringing a new phase to the Authority”, especially in terms of staff empowerment. In his words, “ I want to congratulate on your good job since you came in. As your strategic partners, we know your staff very well and are aware of how things have been in this organisation”.

Speaking further, the PSIN Chief Executive commended management for the career development and opportunities that is been given to the staff. According to him, “ We read the mind of your staff, carter for their training needs to help them build capacity, monitor their progress to ensure that they are rightly impacted with knowledge. We are not disappointed by the progress seen so far in their performances”.

Dr Obatoyinbo also commended the MD on the recent organizational redesign in the Authority, which the PSIN participated in, and which further opened the career landscape for the staff of FHA. He said he hopes that it would further motivate staff for better performance.

The PSIN Administrator used the opportunity to call on management to upscale the issue of the recently approved Performance Management System (PMS) in the Federal Civil Service, which replaces the APER system, and would henceforth be used in measuring both the performance of organizations and individual staff. According to him, the PMS strategy encourages innovation, while digitization and sheer intelligence are key factors that drive it.

Finally, the PSIN CEO requested for a collaboration between the institute and FHA in developing a Staff Housing Village, so that both Civil servants and Public Servants can be part of the overall housing strategy in the country. According to him, “ We are sitting on 93 hectares of land and some of the land are not yet developed. It would not be a bad idea for FHA to partner us and develop a Staff Housing Village for our people. FHA can come in to work with us. You can send your Technical Team to visit us”.

The Managing Director, Senator Gbenga Ashafa in his response, thanked the delegation for the visit. He also used the opportunity to congratulate the PSIN Management, who he describes as a dynamic team for the good job they are doing in the institute. In his words, “ I want also to congratulate you on the good job you are doing for the Federal Government.” Senator noted that he was part of the team from the 8th Senate that visited the institute on Oversight function, with the desire to equip it to be able to compete with such institutions as the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON).

Senator Ashafa noted that the issue of staff welfare is one that gives him joy, having being a Civil Servant himself. The FHA Staff he noted are made up with some of the best professionals, whose potentials previous administrations failed to harness very well, a situation his own management decided to change by providing them with needed support and conducive working environment.

On the issue of partnering for housing, the MD described it a welcome development. He said the Authority would bring in the expertise and also involve the FHA Mortgage Bank Ltd for financing. While he encouraged the PSIN to get ready its own Technical Team, he said FHA would communicate the Institute with the Authority’s Team, and hopes the project would take off immediately.

Senator Ashafa was later given the Effective, Productive, Incorruptible and Citizens Centered Culture (EPIC) Award, PSIN's highest recognition for effective leadership.

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