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Housing Acquisition Guideline

Upon accepting an allocation for a plot or a house from Federal Housing Authority, the customer automatically becomes subject to the following covenants of use and occupation of F.H.A. Estates. He is required:-

  1. To pay in advance, without demand, to the Authority the Annual Ground Rent stipulated or as may be reviewed from time to time.
  2. To pay an annual service charge to be fixed from time to time during the said term.
  3. To use the demised premises for purposes stipulated only.
  4. Not to use the premises for any immoral or illegal purposes.
  5. Not to make any alteration, addition, development etc, whatsoever to the housing unit and its cartilage without the prior written consent of the Federal Housing Authority.
  6. To pay all existing and future rates, taxes, assessments, bills, duties and outgoings charged whether local or otherwise, now or hereinafter imposed or charged upon the demised premises or any part thereof.
  7. To observe and conform to the bye-laws and regulations of the Lessor from time to time in force for the control and use of the Premises.
  8. To permit the Lessor and it’s duly authorized agents and workmen at all reasonable hours of the day during the term hereby granted to enter upon the demised premises to inspect and ascertain that same are in good and substantial state of repair.
  9. To refrain from committing or permitting upon the demised premises any action liable to become a nuisance to the Lessor or adjoining owners or occupiers.
  10. Not to alienate the demised premises or any part thereof by way of sale, assignment, mortgage, transfer of possession or sub-lease without the prior consent of the Lessor being first sought and obtained in writing, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  11. To keep in good and substantial state of repair the demised premises and all fixtures and additions thereto throughout the term (fair wear and tear, and accidents by fire, earthquake, flooding and tornado excepted).
  12. At the expiration or sooner determination of the said term to quietly deliver up the premises together with all buildings thereon (other than the Lessee’s fixtures).
  13. To refrain from erecting or permitting the erection or exhibition of any bills, notice board, placards or advertisements on the premises not directly related to the Sub-lessee’s agreed use of the land.

Other rules and regulations governing the use and occupation of Federal Housing Authority Estates are:-

(1) Over Crowding

There shall be no overcrowding of premises.

The maximum permitted No. of persons to live in the following housing units is as follows

1. One bedroom/sitting-room house/flat - 5 persons
2. bedroom/sitting-room house/flat-8
3.Three bedroom/sitting-room house/flat-10
4.Three bedroom Duplex-10
5.Four bedroom Duplex -13
6.Five bedroom Duplex -15

Any excess over the above figures is a contravention of these regulations as it puts pressure on facilities in estates.

  1. Maintenance of Premises:
  2. It is the responsibility of the Tenant/Occupier to maintain their premises in the most hygienic sanitary condition.
  3. Landscaping:
    Allottees are required to plant trees and flowers within and immediately outside their premises
  4. Littering of Premises:
    Littering of premises is strictly prohibited. All household refuse must be kept in refuse bins/bags as may be provided by the relevant Government Agency or Contractor.
  5. Use of firewood and coal pots in buildings is prohibited except where chimneys are provided. Also an open fire of any kind is prohibited in the Estates.
  6. The erection of kiosks, booths, shanties or similar structures in any premises, open spaces, foot-paths, sidewalks, roads within and outside a housing unit or within the Estate is prohibited. Placement of tables, containers along roads, sidewalks in any premises or in front of houses for any purpose(s) is prohibited and shall be demolished.
  7. Non-resident learner drivers are prohibited in the Estate. All leaner drivers resident in the Estate are banned from all major high ways within the Estate.
  8. Heavy duty or articulated vehicles should not be parked in the Estate;
    • No parking of vehicles on grass verges, footpaths, lawns or in any open spaces, paved court or any other open space in the Estate where in the opinion of the Authority will constitute a nuisance;
    • All vehicles belonging to tenants and their visitors must be parked in garages or in parking bays incorporated in roads and closes;
  9. No unserviceable old vehicles should be parked on any thoroughfare, close, cycle track or in any place where in the opinion of the Authority, it would constitute a nuisance in the Estate.

  10. Open air parties on open spaces, garden, cycle tracks, paves, and courtyard or on any land belonging to the Authority is prohibited except where approval is sought and granted by the Authority after paying the prescribed fees. Such parties should not interrupt the free flow of vehicular and human traffic.
  11. No thoroughfare, road, close, footpath, cycle tracks or any access route in the Estate should be blocked
  12. Change of use is not permitted be it part or whole of premises
  13. No display of any sort of advertisement, or display of handbills is allowed without written approval from the Authority. Any such display if authorized attracts a charge which must paid otherwise is removed or demolished.
  14. No workshop of any sort is permitted in the Estate.
  15. No development or redevelopment of any premises without prior written approval from the Authority is allowed.
  16. Damaging or defacing any part of housing unit, street lights pavements, roads, sewers, water pipes and mains lawns, or any part of the Estate is prohibited. Any violator shall be made to pay for the cost of restoration and loss of use to the Authority at a rate to be determined by the Authority.

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