The Authority does not issue Certificates of Occupancy as that is reserved for Ministers and Governors under the Land Use Act. But as an agency of the Federal Government, it has legal power to issue Leases and Sub-Leases after receipt of C of Os and Exchange of Letters from the source of her land.

A Customer seeking title documents should:

Pay all charges stipulated and due for his allocation. Make enquiries and soon after F.H.A. has secured her root of title, apply for title papers. Pay the bill for issue of the title document.

Be prepared to present himself with a witness for verification of originals of his allocation and payment receipts before endorsing his signature on the title paper.

Follow up progress on endorsement by the Chief Executive, stamping and registration. Personally sign for and collect the title paper since it is not generally posted.


A Customer holding an allocation of a plot or a house may desire to divest himself of his interest in totality by sale or assignment, or in part, by sub-lease, sub-under lease, mortgage or transfer of possession. In that event, the Customer is required to seek the Consent of the Authority to that transfer to the third party by:

Submitting an application for consent to transfer to named third party, attaching a copy (not photocopy) of setting out the terms and conditions of the transfer. The rights, privileges and reversion of the Authority must be clearly safe guarded in the transfer document. The instrument must also be sealed by a registered Legal Practitioner. Ensure that all outstanding charges, fees and Obligations due to the Authority on the allocation Have been fully discharged.

Follow up to ensure that any defects in the deed of transfer are duly amended. Pay the consent and other designated fees. Pick up the Consent letter personally or through an attorney dully authorized in writing.


Prior to issue of a deed of lease by the Authority, a Customer may seek credit facilities from a banking institution, for which reason, the bank may require a letter from the Authority undertaking to deliver to the bank the title documents for the Customer’s property when they are ready.

In that event, the Customer is required to instruct the Authority to issue the undertaking in respect of the subject property to a named bank with an address and properly sign the instruction. A fee is payable therefore. Please note that instructions from the Bank or other third party cannot be acted upon because the party is considered a stranger to the contract over the property with the Customer.

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